What We Do

SCHALESWORTHS CENTRE Pursues its objectives through a variety of activities designed to achieve its set goal of advancing and sustaining a free, open and democratic society in which development can be attained for the society and human. The center’s activities are grouped into the following headings.

 (1)        Intellectual capacity building

(2)         Direct contact operations,

(3)         Technical aid,

(4)         Legal aid and

(5)         Information dissemination


ICB is designed to enrich society by enhancing the intellectual base of the greatest possible number of society towards securing the greatest possible security for human liberty and the greatest happiness of the greatest number in society. ICB Features the following programmes.

(a)  Educational Advancement campaigns, for promotion of Fundamental and equal Education by advocating the extension of educational facilities and opportunities to all parts and facets of society.

 (b) Research and development: Conducting of research into human rights and development issues for the advancement of educational standards and expansion of the frontiers of knowledge of rights and opportunities in society.

 (c) Symposium and Seminars; to broaden the knowledge of the literate society on current development and available options on a wide range of intellectual human rights and development issues.

 (d) Workshops: Organising of, and Participation in Workshops to deliberate and find solutions to pressing rights and development issues in society by involving its members whose participation will furnish true life first- hand experience.


  1    Books on Democratic and Developmental issues.

(2)           2    Nigerian Journal of Human Rights and Development Issues (NJHR & DI)

(3)            Monographs

(4)           3   Human Rights Nigeria (HRN): An Annual Report of Human Rights Development.

(5)           4    Newsletters


The center operates a direct contact programme implemented in a variety of ways ranging from group to personal contacts. These projects get the center directly in verbal touch with affected or necessary bodies and persons and offers an opportunity to address some issues and resolve conflicts on a discussion table before it has the chance of escalating.

Programmes here include the followings:

(a)        a. Public Campaigns: Public Campaigns are organized by the Centre to sensitise the society and enlighten its members on Democratic Rights and Development issues.

  (b)    Schools/Students Contact Sessions (SSCS): Avails the center the opportunity of directly meeting and counselling the students of institutions of learning, hearing their problems and reasoning with them to evolve practical solutions to such problems and initiate citizenship and leadership development actions.

(c)            Community Contact Sessions (CCS): The Centre meets the people of rural Communities to conduct direct discussions with them at their halls and town square to hear problems and address them by proffering practical action plans that could lead to solutions to such problems.

(d)            Government Contact Sessions (GCS): The center undertakes direct contact sessions with necessary government offices and officers to discuss matters arising from their duties and relating to or affecting community or individual human rights and or development issues in society.

 TECHNICAL AID PROJECT (T.A.P): These projects extend the services of the center to affected persons, by placing the facilities made available by the center within reach of the public.

They include:-

(a)           a. Information Resource Unit (IRC):- the centre operates an Information Resources Unit Open to the general public. The IRU is designed to avail research personnel, student and the consulting public of events, publications and trends in the field of Education, legal/fundamental human rights and Development Issues.

(b)               Scholarship Awards: the center operates limited scholarship schemes which aids indigent ingenious students. Owing to limited funding, the scheme has presently been operative only in the primary and secondary schools level. It is hoped that enhanced funding will facilitate the centre’s extension of the scheme to the tertiary institution where it is most needed.


   Counselling Services: The Centre Operates a legal aid counselling unit open to members of the public round the day. This unit is especially useful to the weak and poor of society.

(b)        Rights Defence Legal Action: The center intervenes by providing legal aid counsel funded by the center to undertake the defence of qualified persons where they unjustly face trail, suffer or are about to suffer undue denial of fundamental human rights.

(c)            Government Counselling Service: The center operates a Government Counselling Service through writing of Memoranda to relevant government agents/agencies to counsel them on the legal implications and impacts of their actions on their citizens