Who We Are

Our Mission

Men must strive relentlessly  at all times, unyielding at all cost, to proclaim the rights of man and demand imprescriptible adherence to its unqualified sanctity.

The liberty of man is the root of all fundamental human rights, the basis of democracy and development the cardinal object of justice and a “sine qua non” for the realization and fulfilment of man’s destiny. Constant research and intellectual toil is a requisite for the timely redefinition and extension of the frontiers of human right in society, and eternal vigilance, the strength of democracy, the sustenance and protection of which is the collective civic responsibility of all members of society.

Disseminating awareness and human right consciousness in society is the appointed task of SCHALESWORTHS CENTRE. In enlightening the man, we enlighten the society and better preserve humanity.


SCHALESWORTHS CENTRE is a non-profit oriented. Non Governmental Organisation committed to the realization of democratic  and developed society. The center organizes workshops, seminar and special counseling sessions for citizenship information and education on democratic right and development issues.



  1. Promote the restoration of self-confidence and citizenship virtues in the youth as a foundation for the development of responsible leadership in society.
  2. To promote the establishment of conditions under which justice and respect for the dignity and liberty of the human person can be maintained.
  3. To promote the socio economic  and political empowerment of citizens without distinction as  to sex.
  4. To promote conditions suitable and supportive of the attainment of Development to the best of every citizen’s ability.
  5. To promote civil society and sustain respect for the collective will of the people expressed through free and fair elections as the basis for the existence of the State.

To promote a demographic culture consistent with the socio economic and developmental realities of society.SCHALESWORTHS CENTRE has collected its activities into two classes of goals, the short term goal and long term goal in accordance with its motivating objectives.


Short Term Goal:

The centre for the present seeks to achieve the following goals:

Re-information and Reformation of the presently derelict youth in society largely driven to despondency by the decadence of present day society. This it is hoped can be achieved by direct contact operations and counseling services, and instilling in them, the desire and initiative to broaden their knowledge through education and to partake in the social engineering of the world around them.

Invigorating the society to overcome the intense pressure of the present day decadence, which has gravely tasked and battered the psyche of the citizenry. This it is hoped can be achieved through social action and popular education, widening the level of awareness in society to create a greater right conscious society in which intellectual and other human virtues can flourish.

 Long Term Goal:

Empowerment of the under privileged in society such as the children, youth, women and impoverished poor in society, to secure for them, a place in the society in which they are joint stake holders.

Empowerment of civil society to create a more enlightened society in which the rights of man to the dignity of the human person, the advancement and full realization of his utmost potentials can be guaranteed


SCHALESWORTHS CENTRE is a non profit oriented, Non Governmental organisation. The funding of which depends strictly on the goodwill of the society. The Centre therefore funds its programmes by cash and material support through the following:

 (a) Membership contribution:  

 (b) Gifts  

 (c) Donation from members of the public. 

 (d) Grants from local and international funding agencies.   

 (e) Support from sister organisations

 (f) Grants from any other interested persons or corporate agencies.